Three reasons why the state will never support pensioners

The state is trying to help pensioners with state benefits, but the reality is that for many pensioners, there is simply no money to go around.In this article, we will talk about three reasons that will lead to their complete loss of state support (and therefore their complete loss of income).Reason #1: They "eat up" their time.As soon as you step off the scheduled work schedule, you are immediately put in a "time machine"and are immediately faced with a complete lack of time.Your employer is constantly "pushing" you to work longer hours.You are required to work non-stop (trying to work as much as possible) from 9 to 18 five days a week.Reason #2: You take out a loan.You will not be able to live without a "financial cushion" in your pocket. That is why you should have a strong "financial cushion" in the amount of 9-12 months of your family's expenses.It should include:savings, income, investments, collections of dividends and profits.Reason #3: you don't have a "stash", you don't have time to save money.Like many other things in life, you will not see state support for yourself. Because you will not have a "pot", there will be a "pot" in your hands sooner or later. The sooner you start saving money, the longer your pension will last.Reason #4: you took out a loan to go to work.This is a very dangerous trap. Even if you have a loan, the inevitable "lift" of the economic crisis will not lead you to the point of starvation. In the crisis, the one who got the money always gets the rose. Reason #1) Read my article " Where NOT to invest money? TOP 3 most dangerous places for money". 2) Read my article " What skills you need them to get rich. "