A powerful factor for the rapid growth of invest.companies

Invest.companies are increasingly being looked at as a factor in the rapid growth of their clients.The coronavirus crisis has dealt a major blow to the fortunes of many of the world's biggest companies. But invest.company executives are not to blame for the fact that their stock quotes were soaring at the time of the crisis. In this article, we will talk about how invest.company insiders have recovered from the crisis and are now enjoying their moment of truth.  The coronavirus outbreak has dealt a major blow to the health of our fellow citizens. Too many companies were too careless in their handling of the virus's deadly options:1) they did Not institute self-isolation and strict financial controls. Some of them have started to voluntarily quarantines people and temporarily shut down. They are offering to allay the risks they may have taken by agreeing to a range of treatments. Many companies did not even register in the register of "foreign investors" with the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, as required by the law. 2) they did Not have time to prepare for the high risks they were taking. It is not for nothing that they say, that " who is warned, he's armed." During the "cozy peace" weekend, some invest.companies were closed for 1 week, which severely affected the growth of our economy.Due to the quarantine imposed, the value of securities issued plunged, many companies went bankrupt, and a number of large and small companies went bankrupt.All this immediately affected the growth of our economy and the efficiency of its policies.3) they did Not have time to invest their money in the creation of high-quality financial assets.real estate, factories, roads, etc. etc. 4) they did not have time to offer customers high returns on their money.With the advent of the self-isolation regime, all banks stopped issuing loans to the population. And the state will not allocate funds for housing and communal services until the end of March. This will have to be done by the end of April.5) they did not Create large scale projects that would fill the void left by the state.With the collapse in investment activity, companies and individuals are ready to take any job. They have found it for themselves a new "place", whatever the salary. 6) they did not spend their time and energy on R&D and product development.With the outbreak of the crisis, many companies have already started recalling old inventory, sales, and distribution systems.This is a very welcome development! However, it is important to understand that even if you have a good financial history, you should not take any jobs right now.Due to the fact that they were not prepared for the