How to stop being afraid to be rich (and become one)

Everyone is able to get rich and live in affluence. This is possible, regardless of what state you live in or where you currently reside.In this article, we will talk about how to stop being afraid and start enjoying your life in abundance. get rich.In the West, we we firmly believe that wealth is the result of proper handling of your money. The problem with this mindset is that it makes us stupid and lazy (which means that we do not know how to handle money at all). In this article, we will talk about how to get rid of the" crocodile " of poverty and increase your income.Here's what you should do to do this::1) Stop trying to look richEveryone wants to look like a lucky winner in the lottery or a "star" in some magazine. Yes, such headlines attract money to the front page, which we have already thoroughly enjoyed.But if you look at it in context, the" star " in the eyes means something completely different — someone who is equally talented and strong. star. The" star " in this case clearly indicates the position and the importance of the person. That is why, as a rule, we are well aware that the " star " is the only person who really matters in the world. politics. And the star only gets bigger and brighter with time. So it's best to look like a " star " in front of a mirror and follow the rules of the game. 2) Change your attitude to wealth Rich people are not bad in any way. They are just unfortunate that they were born unlucky. In this age of ubiquitous Internet penetration, you can literally change your attitude to money at any time and, thereby, change your life forever. Maybe you should consider that you can't be rich if you've never been in a situation where you were hungry and didn't have time to prepare for the upcoming emergency expenses. Or maybe you need to rethink your "pre-crisis" beliefs?After all, if you are still firmly convinced that "money is evil" and that you can't earn them, then there is no point in bothering to look for ways to increase their value.Because " money is good, if you handle it correctly, then you will also handle it" (George Bernard Shaw).3) Start investingTo become a truly rich person, you need to take active actions.The sooner you start investing your money in the future, the greater the amount of passive income that you will create in your future." capital.To do this, start investing regularly (for example, 10-20% of each income you receive).This will allow you to gradually form an impressive capital, the income from which will fully support your entire family. 4) Money must work!To become successful, you need